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Deborah Grodzicki, PhD
Senior Associate
dgrodzicki [at] innonet [dot] org | 202-728-0727 x112

Deborah contributes her extensive measurement and evaluation theory expertise to the Innovation Network team and our partners. She collaborates on projects with the Center for Community Change, the Missouri Foundation for Health, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Kansas Health Foundation.

A profound interest in improving educational outcomes led Deborah to pursue her PhD in Social Research Methodology at UCLA. As a PhD student, she worked jointly with The Urban Institute to evaluate Best Start, a home visiting program for low-income LA communities. During her time at UCLA, she also aided in the creation of a variety of educational pathway programs at Pasadena Community College. Upon degree completion, Deborah accepted a postdoctoral fellowship appointment at the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University, where she designed and implemented a mixed-methods evaluation of Bass Connections, a university-wide initiative linking faculty and students to respond to complex problems through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.

Trained as a methodologist, Deborah enjoys exploring new and innovative methods for measuring organizational effectiveness. Her dissertation work looked at the use of evidence-based decision making to shape professional practice in education. Specifically, it focused on organizational factors that facilitate or impede data use. Deborah seeks to provide non-profit organizations with methodologically rigorous and timely information necessary to help them achieve their stated goals more effectively.

Prior to completing her PhD, Deborah received her BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester and her MA in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University. Born in Uruguay and raised in Israel and the United States, Deborah is excited to join the culturally diverse DC community. She also loves being outdoors, and will happily spend her weekends hiking, biking, or just taking an easy stroll along the Georgetown waterfront.


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