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Virginia is a Managing Associate at Innovation Network, where she leads and advises on learning and evaluation projects with nonprofits and foundations such as Kansas Health Foundation, Interact For Health, and Community Change. She is committed to shifting the power and resources of learning and evaluation to communities that are closest to the issues of focus, so they can self-determine and create stronger solutions for themselves.

At Innovation Network, Virginia also leads organizational development aimed at aligning internal structures and processes with the organization’s values. She believes in collective leadership and, as interim Co-Director, guided the co-creation process that transformed the organization’s decision-making structures to be horizontal and team-led.

Prior to joining the Innovation Network, Virginia worked as an independent evaluation consultant for clients such as the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, directed evaluation and reporting as a Senior Research and Evaluation Manager at the Children’s Health Fund, and worked as a Researcher and Mobile Clinic Manager for Emergency Programma Italia, a national initiative providing primary care and case management to migrant and other underserved populations back home in Italy.

Virginia received her Master of Science in Global Health Science from the University of Oxford. In her free time, she likes to try not to fall from the horses she’s riding, traveling to any destination, and nerding out on fantasy and graphic novels.